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Yacoub Abu Ghosh

Yacoub Abu Ghosh is a Jordanian composer, arranger, producer, performer and entrepreneur who has been active on the Jordanian and regional music scene for more that 20 years and considered one of the founders of the independent music scene in the Arab world. During his career he produced 5 albums of his work.

Abu Ghosh started his music career back in 1996 by joining the band Black Iris after which he became a member of Rum ensemble lead my renowned Jordanian composer Tarek Al-Nasser. In 2004 he founded Zaman Al Zaatar, a band that quickly cemented itself in the forefront of the independent music scene in the Arab World.

In 2007 he was chosen to represent Jordan in an exclusive project organized by the British Council in which a group of 15 of the best Arab musicians were assembled in London and worked with British musicians to produce a show which then went on a tour of the UK and many countries in the region including Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

Abu Ghosh’s discography includes three albums under the name of Zaman Al Zaatar; Like All People (2004), Zad (2007), Al Khubz (2012). And produced 2 albums under his personal name; As Blue As the Rivers of Amman (2011) and Ayqithini (2015).

In 2012 Abu Ghosh won the first place in a pan Arab competition for musical composition organized by Al Mawred Al Thaqafi.

Around the end 2015 Yacoub launched his 5th album, which was an ambitious undertaking that included 7 songs and 2 instrumental pieces and was created in collaboration with Laila Sabbagh who is a brilliant young singer from Palestine in addition to over 35 musicians from Jordan and the region.

Abu Ghosh is currently working on a sixth album projected to be launched sometime in 2018 in addition to several projects and collaborations with many different musicians from Jordan and the region.

He currently resides in Amman with his wife and two children.

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